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fscd is a service-checking daemon for FreeBSD and NetBSD. If you know another platform that could use fscd, please tell me, and I'll add support. You mainly need kqueue(2) for support, which in turn requires a BSD operating system.

You give it a list of packages to check, and then they're being monitored through kqueue(2).

The code is originally from Tom Rhodes and can be found here: http://people.freebsd.org/~trhodes/fsc/.

Note: If you're using FreeBSD, use the version in ports: You can find it in sysutils/fsc.

If you're using NetBSD (or FreeBSD with pkgsrc), there is a pkgsrc package: You can find fscd in sysutils/fscd.

To run, download the repository, run `make`, and execute `./fscd/fscd` or `./fscadm/fscadm $CMD` to issue a command.

To use it, you:

You can as well use the rc script named `fscd` if you installed the package as intended.